Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bloomsbury Festival and the family in London

This weekend, Mum and my sister Alice came to visit me in London. We stayed at a friend's house and I rediscovered all the luxuries denied me by student accommodation, namely a bathtub and a sofa - bliss! I was treated to curry and breakfast in a little café in East Dulwich where I had the best baguette I've ever had outside of France. Yum yum! Then we spent the day lusting over the three floors of stationary in Tottenham Court Road's Paperchase. We finally ended up in Russel Square where the Bloomsbury Festival was in full swing, the late afternoon sunshine giving everything a hazy autumnal feel, sometimes even momentarily fooling me into thinking there may be a bit of summer left in London yet. Streamers constructed of obscure words and gaudy handprints hanging from trees, the smell of sizzling meat and joyful jazz music organised by SOAS. What a shame that Mum and Alice still had to go home. On the one hand it made me so proud and in love with London but it also reminded me of how loose the friendships I have formed still are, by myself amongst the happy people of Bloomsbury.

On a different note, Nonie is in Rome this week so love to her and hopefully she will come back with some pretty pictures, tasty food and tales of romance in Rome.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Banoffee Pie and Alun for the weekend.

This weekend Alun came to see me in London for the first time and made carbonara for the flat. There was lovely salad and focaccia bread with rosemary, salt and oil but the banoffee pie stole the show, both slightly squidgy and under-set last night when impatience got the better of us and this morning for breakfast when it was crumbly and firm after a night in the fridge.

End of Summer

The last of the soft light of summer.