Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Handmade Christmas decorations.

Christmas has been on my mind recently. I'm so looking forward to heading to the country where I get to the see the frost (I seem to miss it in London), my family, and go back to the strange routine that Alun and I fell into, pre university, of living in each other's beds. However, for now I content myself with lusting after Christmas decorations. For a few weeks now I've had my origami love tokens from Alun and my Brittany scallop shell hanging on my curtain rail, catching the light.

It makes me think that the simple, handmade things are the best and I love the idea of the simple cardboard shapes that Emma Fexeus' design blog mentions.

Find the instructions for these here.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Mayor's Festival and Japanese food.

Saturday the 12th was the Mayor's Festival and we all went down to the Thames to watch the fireworks. The crowds were huge and we ended up stood on the edge of the bridge looking at all the people milling around beneath us trying to find their own little space to lose themselves in the pretty lights, big bangs and the smell of gunpowder.
Afterwards we went to a tiny Japanese restaurant in Piccadilly and ended up sat at the bar watching all the food being made and wanting everything. It was quite a new experience for me but what struck me the most were the fantastic coats they all wore in the kitchen! Got home and madly trawled the internet but to no avail, sadly.

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween at Flat E3A

We had a car crash victim, a devil, a mechanic, a devil, two dead people, Salad Queen, a Mexican skull, Autumn and a severely hungover Irish man. Oh and lots of food. Alun and I made a bakewell tart! Yummy.