Friday, 13 January 2012

Galette des Rois - Festive bake part 2.

So I'm back at uni and have started new courses, a new year etc etc. Walking home today and noticing that little green shoots were already starting to pop up in the flowerbeds, I realised that I still had my Epiphany Cake post unposted. So here we are.

This cake is one of the things that I miss most about living in France as every time that I've been for Christmas I've left too early to see them appear in all the shops. The cake is essentially puff pastry with an almond paste in the middle and a fève, a little figurine or a hard bean, hidden somewhere in the cake. Traditionally, the fève is of a religious theme but I have a very handsome Obi Wan Kenobi at home and there are people who collect the different ones. The lucky person who finds the figurine in their slice is crowned the king/queen and chooses a queen/king to reign beside them. Or at least that's what we did. So anyway, in my baking frenzy I decided to make one myself and its actually super easy! I used the Good Food recipe but you can find lots of variations, for example, I'd never tasted a Galette made with cognac in it - super tasty! To be honest, the funnest bit was the decorations on the top and then forcing my little sister (who isn't so little) to sit under the table and call out the name of a recipient for each slice.

It seems harsh to only be able to eat/bake this once a year in a window of a week or so so I'm going to make another for the flat soon, too. Updates may follow!

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