Thursday, 5 January 2012

When life gives you excess marzipan, make Stollen.

I'm back in London and finally getting round to looking back on some of the stuff I've done this holiday. Everything seemed very fleeting and most of it wasn't immortalised on camera. The past week or so has been my first chance to slow down a bit and I've taken the opportunity to try out a couple of things that I usually think of as 'shop-bought' cakes. Turns out they're both ridiculously simple and tastier, too.
So, part 1 of 2 of my baking escapades is my beautiful if rather portly and robust looking loaf of Stollen, a German sweetbread with dried fruit and often marzipan. I used Delia's recipe.

The end result was completely different to any of the shop-bought ones and was breadier, to the extent that it was completely heavenly with a generous spread of butter over the crustier edge bits that taste almost savoury compared to the sweet centre of marzipany moistness.

Definitely worth the effort and the excited trips up to the laundry cupboard to check how much it had risen.

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