Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beautiful but fickle blackcurrant meringues on a sunny Saturday.

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A balmy Saturday and my first weekend home for the summer. Calls for a bit of extravagant baking! That and the 20 or so eggs we seem to have accumulated. Thus meringues were born. I've never made them before but was inspired by the huge bulbous beauties I see on stalls at The Islington Farmers' Market on a Sunday and the luscious food stalls that sometimes pop up on a Saturday in the Brunswick Shopping Centre, Bloomsbury. Anyway, thought I'd give it a go and have spent the whole afternoon fretting and gingerly opening the oven and lo, my beauties were born. Against the terse advice of my mother I swirled blackcurrant gorgeousness into them and hoped for the best. Pretty handsome, I reckon!
I used this recipe from the Good Food website. It was the simplest recipe I could find with plain old sugar and egg whites, none of that tartar, raspberry vinegar crap.... Might have gone more smoothly and stress free had I bothered with it. But oh well!! Happy days to come and here's a summery song (ish) that makes me jig in a slightly drunken but very happy fashion.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A weekend in Brighton with the Mummies and new sandals to boot!

Just back from a blissful and mostly sunny weekend in London which started off as a daytrip and ended up as a two night lougeabout. I met up with my lovely mummy and second mummy and we even saw Baby Cactus' mummy! A weekend of mummies all round. Anyway, was good to chill out away from London for a bit and read and cook and sit around in a nice kitchen. Lovely. Oh and I'm showing off my new sandals, Toast Salt-Water Sandals that make me feel like a toddler again (but in a good way). I wore them on the Saturday thinking I would be back in London that night but ended up coming back on Monday when it was tipping down with rain. I definitely rocked the socks and sandals look - thank you Fred for lending me your Christmas socks in desperate times of need!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday brunch at The Breakfast Club, Islington.

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After a busy day yesterday, today Alun and I wandered up into Angel and queued outside The Breakfast Club. Was totally worth it. Coffees, pancakes, an almighty fry-up, a super smoothie, and a cheeky Bloody Mary later and we waddled out content and full and spent the afternoon buying tasty food before spending a ludicrous amount on cinema tickets to The Avengers Assemble. I got a bit over excited, especially after discovering you could put the arms up on the chairs thereby creating our own little sofa in the row we had to ourselves. Fab. So if you're in London and have a spare lazy day to spare then head to The Breakfast Club. Tasty grub, big portions, not super pricey. Yum yum yum.

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