Monday, 20 August 2012

A kitchen garden to dream of.

My mum works as a gardener at Roche Court, 'The New Art Centre' in Winterslow, Wiltshire. The gardens are wide expanses of grass bordered by eclectic flower beds overflowing with colour, sculptures dotted here and there providing modernity and contrast to the country garden.
My favourite bit, though, is the walled garden. Gated and hidden away from the rest of the garden, the little walled square is home to rampant roses climbing up the walls and big clumps of overgrown tarragon and other herbs. The highlight are the greenhouses. Two enormous glass structures filled with everything from old terracotta seedling pots to large shrub pots, trowels and bags of compost. Along the side of one greenhouse is a raised vegetable patch, everything organised in neet rows.
At the moment I'm taking cuttings of all the herbs in my garden ready for when I go back to London and I dream of a huge greenhouse and organised vegetable patches. Maybe one day.