Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn is here, bring on coffee and cake

   Today I woke up to construction work outside my window and stumbled round getting ready for my Royal Korea lecture at 11 before remembering that it was at 1. Bliss. I bummed around making lunch, this lentil, beetroot and goat's cheese salad which was so so tasty, especially considering I usually shy away from lentils unless disguised by way of soup or stew. Anyway, a fab recipe for a light lunch.
On the way to uni I had time to drop into Bloomsbury Coffee House before getting to my lecture half an hour before it started. I went and sat outside under the almost naked trees watching the blowing leaves with my hot milky coffee and a slab of German apple cake that tasted just like the Dorset apple cake that my Nana makes with the big bulbous Bramleys from our tree. Cinnamon and apple makes me nostalgic and the cold and the colours and the sweet comfort of sweet familiarity made for the best lecture preparation a girl can hope for, screw doing the readings...

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