Monday, 8 October 2012

Last of the summer sweetcorn

Well I'm back in London after a stressful month and settling into a new routine. The season is turning and when I went up to Islington Farmers' Market the stalls were heaving with squashes and kale and muddy potatoes. Best of all, though, was the crate of sweetcorn, tightly wrapped in their green husks but golden inside. As soon as you put them in the pan the gold becomes a bright rich yellow. They only need three or four minutes in the pan before I whip them out and try in vain to balance a knob of butter on their sides. A pinch of salt and a generous grind of pepper and what an easy tasty lunch that makes. If I'm feeling indulgent I even grate a bit of hard salty cheese like parmesan over the cob, enough to dust the outside. I plan to eat as much sweetcorn as I can before the long nights set in and the essays start to pile up.