Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Breakfast Club 2.0 - Introducing Maike!

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So when I went to The Breakfast Club in Islington with Alun last May I knew that it would not be a one off and, sure enough, within two weeks of moving back to London there I was stood in the queue outside the bright yellow exterior of the café with Maike, my new flatmate! It was a chilly early Saturday afternoon after a late night stranded in New Cross Gate and we were wrapped up against the light hazy chill lingering outside the heat of the sun. The queue was long and a waitress brought out shots of hot chocolate that brought a smile to the hungover and fidgety line. Our breakfast, true to form, was fantastic. I'd brought Maike here because she'd never eaten a full english, shock horror! It arrived and was twice the size of her face. I secretly had my doubts she would plough her way through it but somehow she managed to cram in all but the black pudding. This was a true test of whether we could be friends and she passed with flying colours. My poached eggs were glorious and I can never resist having smoked salmon when I'm feeling indulgent. The avocados were, however, a mistake. An extra two pounds and lemony to the point of masking the taste of the avocado itself. Oh well, I have become so fond of The Breakfast Club that I will forgive them a much greater fault than that.

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