Sunday, 28 October 2012

Things to do in London - Sunday - Wellcome Collection

This morning, I woke up to window panes dripping with condensation barely concealing the cold grim Sunday outside. At least the clocks went back, a whole extra hour, huzzah! Made pancakes with batter leftover from last night's ill advised combinations of kale-fried-rice with parmesan followed by almost naked pancakes for lack of having any toppings. Anyway, with that food fiasco behind me, this morning I decided to do something with my day and finally crossed one of the things off of my list, The Wellcome Collection in Euston. After bumping into one of my classmates who was working there I ended up going on a fascinating tour through the The Medicine Man permanent collection. There were hundreds of incredible objects from all over the world but what really caught my eye was the collection of scientific glassware. Huge great flasks and vials, beautiful curves and weird and wonderful shapes. They reminded me of the shapes of some of the neolithic Chinese ceramics I have been studying recently.

Whether glassware captures your imagination or not, however, everyone should tick the The Wellcome Collection off of their lists at some point soon. The collection is free to visit, there is a café and a bookshop and getting there couldn't be easier as it is opposite Euston station. When you next find yourself bored, procrastinating, and feeling bleak on a chilly Sunday you know where to go.

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