Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Best Pizza in Liverpool + How To Rejuvenate Leftover Pizza

Is this the best pizza in Liverpool? I think so. American Pizza Slice have hit my holy pizza grail - posh ingredients, takeaway style. AND their 18" pizza can be split into up to eight flavours. Alun and I got pepperoni (the best I've ever tasted considering I don't really like it), goat's cheese and roasted vegetables, four cheeses, red onion and gorgonzola. Oh my freaking god so gooooood. And the base was perfect. Crispy but not to the extent that it crackles and doughy but not to the point that you feel like you're eating a sponge. So, uh, yeh. You should totally try American Pizza Slice if ever feel pizza cravings in Liverpool. Also, it tastes even better the next morning dry-fried. If you haven't heard of this, get on the bandwagon with my instructions below.

How to make manky leftover pizza amazing again.

You will need:
- a frying pan - a lid for the pan or some tin foil - leftover slightly congealed pizza from the night before (or the night before that)

Step by Step:
1. Put pizza in dry pan - no oil equals crispy base
2. Cover pan with lid or foil
3. Turn on medium-ish heat until the cheese is melted and the bottom crispy
4. Enjoy pizza that might just taste better than the night before

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