Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cheese tasting to impress Neal's Yard Dairy.

So I applied for a Christmas job at Neal's Yard Dairy because any of you who know me know that cheese is one of the loves of my life. Also I was having a crisis about my future... So anyway, I got an interview and decided that the best way to prepare was to hit the Waitrose cheese counter hard and sample as many new cheeses as seemed vaguely reasonable. I tried a goat's cheddar, a hard ewes cheese, an orange Stilton (effectively), and a crazy gooey smelly Irish creation. The ewes cheese was by far the best (right) called Swaledale if anyone is curious and wants to challenge my judgement. It was however the most expensive, I realised afterwards. Sad face. Oh well. I had a happy twenty or so minutes sat at my desk having googled how to cheese taste and trying to remember to 'breath out when swallowing' and sniffing each piece before I put it in my mouth to trying to 'free associate'. Anyway, I went to the interview and now have a trial shift next week so cross your fingers for me in borrowed white wellies and overalls...
The names of the cheeses were Irish Ardrahan (the long thin gooey one), Cropwell Bishop from Shropshire (orange stilton, a bit salty for me), Swaledale Ewes Cheese from Yorkshire (pale with a thick rind, bottom left), and Quicke's Goat's Cheddar (top left).

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