Sunday, 16 December 2012

The food that wrote a thousand (five) essays.

This is an illegal post as I definitely don't have time for such trivial things - MUST WRITE ESSAYS AAAAALL THE TIME. However, this was too good not to share. Fried field mushrooms with thyme and garlic in butter and a couple of slices of Swaledale cows' milk cheese was has a lovely crumbly tang to it, cutting through the richness of the buttery mushrooms. All on my bread which I thought would be a disaster as I have a new oven but turned out alright in the end. More on bread soooon! Until then, wish me luck on my bajillion essays, if anything can get these ancient Chinese bronzes under control its this god of a sandwich.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Watery wintery blues.

My my, it's been chilly in Bloomsbury these past few days. Unfortunately I think I hear rain on my window and we will be plunged in wintery greys once more but let it not be forgotten that there once were wintery blue skies and bare branches lit with watery sunlight.