Friday, 8 March 2013

Hot cross bun fever has gripped me!

Recently I've been going through a hot cross bun phase. Not for any religious Easter related reasons but simply because they're one of the simplest pleasure in life, toasted to be crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside, with a sizeable melting knob of butter precariously balanced on each half. Perfection. So I decided to try my hand at them and see whether it really was worth homemaking them when they are sold so cheaply in the shops. Needless to say the homemade ones are a completely different specimen. Much breadier and sturdy, they dont collapse and flatten when subjected to over-zealous buttering and one half alone is sufficient to fill the gap between lunch and dinner (although you will definitely want to eat the other half).
The recipe that I used was THIS BBC food recipe which makes 12 generous buns, as you can see. The recipe is fairly straight forward although i think that one or two tablespoons more of the milk should be added as I found my dough fairly stiff. This also made incorporating the fruit (I also added chopped almonds and hazelnuts to mine) harder and in the end I opted for squishing out the dough into a thick layer and pouring all the fruit and nuts into the center before folding over the edges and forming a ball with it all in the middle to prevent losing all of my fruit as I kneaded the dough. However, if you have a better answer to this problem then please let me know. I can imagine a wetter dough would help. Any comments much appreciated. Anyway, they were obviously a success as the first batch was devoured within a couple of days and the second even faster. Definitely a crowd pleaser. Good luck!

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