Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring is coming! Surprise Alun Pt.1

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Today has been a happy happy day, full of sunshine and food (more of which later). I'm working on a couple of posts but wanted to share this happy spring feeling that has popped up in me, mainly down to a surprise boyfriend popping up on my doorstep last night, unannounced, following a busy and stressful couple of weeks for both of us. Although short, his visit has perked me up and I'm ready to face the world again following my phone being stolen and a couple of killer essays. If the crocuses say its spring then it is. The daffodils are coming out and soon it will be Easter and my birthday, and Alun and I will be jetting off to Copenhagen, just as England starts to warm up...
So. For now, I hope you're all feeling as chirpy as I am and making the most of this much needed weather. It's supposed to be 14 degrees centigrade tomorrow!! Bring on summer.

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