Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Another cake table - Etsy Craft Party!

some text Today I bring you one of the most magnificent cake tables I've seen in a long time - the one from the Etsy Craft Part that I went to last week at the lovely flat of lovely blogger and Etsier ohNOrachio. The party was cake and craft central and everybody weaseling away on their little projects. You can see my little GROW badge underneath some lovely homemade strawberry ice cream rustled up by Els of Zerabifish (need to get that recipe). That was one of the things that made it such an amazing day - creative lovely people putting their efforts together to make a great day for everybody. I even had a go at macarons, of which I am fairly proud of for a first time attempt and I feel silly for having been nervous of turning up with them beforehand, as everyone was very complementary.
For much better pictures of everything that went on, head over to Rachel's post on OhNoRachio's beautiful blog. And a big thank you to both her and Harriet Gray for their amazing hard work and for organising the day in the first place.

PLUS - Look out for my post on macaronage in the next few days!

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