Friday, 28 June 2013

Lake District Cheeses

some text This week I've been in the Lake District and, as usual, food has been one of the highlights of this holiday. If there's one thing that Alun's family don't do by halves it's food. I've been keeping the house stocked with yummy sourdough bread, perfect and filling for lunch at the top of a fell after a steep climb. We've been indulging in tasty sticky toffee puddings from the excellent Booths supermarket, which I recommend to everybody visiting the Lakes for its excellent selection of local foods, from vegetables to beer. The highlight though, as ever for me, has been the cheese. Booths supermarket has a fantastically stocked cheese counter with local cheeses but I had great fun at the Low Sizergh Barn farm shop, which boasts an award winning cheese counter, recognised as one of the top 200 in the country by the British Cheese Awards (the picture below is just of the blue section). Above, you can see the bunch I picked out. I particularly enjoyed the crumbly tang of the Keverigg, made using milk from Winter Tarn farm's organic cows at the nearby Appleby Creamery, incidentally the same place the Brie was made. My personally favourite though, which if you know me won't come as a surprise, was the Brinkburn goats cheese, a moist delicately sweet and fresh cheese made by the Northumberland Cheese Company.
In the picture you can also see a few slices of my experimental linseed sourdough - all verdicts agree its a good'n!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my pretty cheese board and that if you're lucky enough to visit the Lake District you will look beyond the stunning scenery and explore the rich variety of foods that the land provides. If you have any cheese recommendations for me then don't forget to leave me a comment, I'm always looking for new ones!

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