Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Pre-craftparty macarons trauma!

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Hello chaps! While I'm having a lovely time in the Lake District (more of that later) I thought I'd share my macaronage trauma from last week after they went down so well at the Etsy Craft Party on Thursday. They went fairly well considering that I've never made them before and, to boot, wasn't baking in my own kitchen, however there is definite room for improvement.

Things that went right:
1. Shape - they stayed round and didn't crazy morph
2. Colour - pretty and pink!
3. Texture - nice and chewy inside and quite crispy on the outside

Things that went wrong:
1. They stuck to the paper - cue interesting double knife scraping technique
2. The inside sort of separated from the crust. Coupled with the sticking you have goo stuck to paper and empty crust. Sad face. This meant that they were super fragile when trying to glue them together.
Anyway, work in progress, I think!

The recipe that I used was from the BraveTart blog with the help of Eat Live Travel Write's illustrated version - thanks both of you! I'll copy it below in case any of you fancy trying it - leave me a link and a comment if you do!

French Macarons
4 ounces (115g) blanched almonds or almond flour, or whatever nut you like
8 ounces (230g) powdered sugar*
5 ounces egg whites (144g), temperature and age not important!
2 1/2 ounce (72g) sugar
the scrapings of 1 vanilla bean or 2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp (2g) salt
Please refer to BraveTart's blog for instructions as they are lengthy and detailed and I won't do them justice. For my filling I piled a shittonne of icing sugar, cocoa powder and Cointreau into a food processor and blitzed until it was what I wanted. Have fun, kids!

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