Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tarragon and Wild Beasts

My tarragon has finally started growing back - perhaps spring really is on its way. Here's hoping its before this shedload of work gets the better of me! Wild Beasts keeping me up and running today, have a listen.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Gourmandes at Bageriet

BagerietBageriet BagerietBageriet
So this weekend my lovely sister Alice came to see me in my London pad for a weekend of lounging around. Before the lounging, though, we walked from Waterloo to Covent Garden to try this lovely looking Swedish bakery, Bageriet, on Rose Street. We got there half an hour before it opened and the smell of cardamom and freshly baked tasty things was wafting out of an open window, making us salivate. By the time we were allowed in there was a little throng of us with our noses pressed against the glass watching the morning's pastries being displayed in the window. Inside is tiny and cute, with two tables and a beautifully soft curly sheep skin on the bench. Alice and I plumped for three likely looking treats, much to the envy and wide eyes of the little girl sat at the table beside us. Benefits of being a grown up! My favourite was the soft Mormors Sockerkringlor or Granny’s Sugar Pretzels, a buttered and sugared fresh brioche pretzel that is one of the simplest, tastiest things I've ever tried. The nutmeg laced hot chocolate that we shared hit the spot and we waddled out, stuffed and content.
I love the The Nordic Bakery - their cookbook, denim aprons, stark cafe and trendy crockery. Bageriet is a completely different kettle of fish, though. It's stylish and uncomplicated but homey and unpretentious, which I respect. It's all about the cake. Good on them.

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