Monday, 12 May 2014

SET OF 3: Indian Saptamtrka carvings (from my dissertation)

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Another week, another SET OF 3. Second week on the trot and enjoying my little feature so fun. It's allowing me to speedily share with you a theme for my day or week in a neat little format. I like it! I hope you do too - feel free to drop me a comment at the bottom to tell me what you think.
Anyway, this week I have my first exam and I intended to share with you three of the beautiful Indian paintings that I've been studying. However, plans change and instead this post features three images from my dissertation - two different Saptamtrka reliefs (seven mothers) from Ellora in Maharashtra, a part of my trip last summer that I never got round to writing about. Below is a fuzzy picture of a very happy me perched with the seven formidable ladies pictured above. Many of you have asked what my dissertation was about and I often replied with something evasive along the lines of "seventh/eighth century hindu sculpture in central India" but this is a much better explanation!
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