Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bye London!

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Well chaps, that's London done for a little while and my degree finished. My last night in London was suitably hectic and ended with a tired but elated traipse along the southbank to St Paul's as the sun was coming up before heading back to get the train home from Waterloo. I'm back in Salisbury now with a week to set myself back to zero before I head down to Somerset all on my lonesome and start an exciting new 6 month phase of my life at Hauser & Wirth Somerset - eeeeep! More of that later, anyway. In the meantime, two pictures from my last few days in London. One of the final night, with Alun feeling happy and cold and tired and excited all at once. The other, of my last climb with Hannah and Paola, who've made this year and helped keep me up and running in the final stretch - thanks guys. See you down in Somerset!

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